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What Is A Marketing Funnel and How Is It Effective?

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Do you believe that your product or service is top-class? But still, your product is failing to win target consumers? If so, then you need the help of marketing funnels. If you're into marketing analytics, you might have noticed the term 'marketing funnels.'

It's a useful marketing tool that shows your customer's connection with the product/service at first. Marketing funnels also give insights into your marketing strategies. You can see how your strategies influence some and not others.

Marketing Funnels- What Is It?

In the 1910s, an American philosopher John Dewey put forward the idea of the five stages that the consumers go through in the purchasing process. The steps are as follows:

  • Problem-Need Recognition
  • Information Search
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Purchase Decision
  • Post Purchase Behavior

This theory revolutionized our understanding of marketing through visual representation in a 'marketing funnel.' 

A marketing funnel is the visual representation of different steps that a viewer takes from the first contact with the brand till they convert. Usually, it takes 5 to 8 stages of communication between the consumer and the brand to decide whether they are going to purchase it or not. Though it seems a bit irritating, through these stages, the brand gets the opportunity to establish itself more prominently in the mind of the consumers. There are four common steps of marketing funnels. Have a look-

  1. Attention: The customer feels the need for the product, finds your brand, goes through the advertisements, social media posts, or hears about a brand from friends or relatives.
  1. Interest: The consumers believe that the product or service they choose can solve their issues and get to know more about those.
  1. Desire: The consumers have done their research and show interest in converting.
  1. Action: The consumers become buyers and buy your item, and take any actions to do that.

Marketing funnels are important for making a business successful. If you want to increase the business leads systematically and consistently, using the marketing funnel is mandatory.


At the top of your funnel is your cold audience. These are the people who aren’t aware of your product or services. At the bottom of the funnel are your hot leads. These are the audience aware of your brand, like them, and are on the cusp of becoming clients.

What is the Importance of Marketing Funnels?

You can call the marketing funnel a game-changer. Maybe you have used lots of effective marketing strategies, but nothing has brought many changes. Applying marketing funnels can make things right for you. Here we are presenting the importance of marketing funnels for your business. Have a look-

  1. Pick an Appropriate Marketing Strategy: The most important factor of the marketing funnel is making a strong marketing strategy. You need to make your consumers understand why your brand is the best of all and why they should make purchasing decisions. You need to make sure about the tools and strategies that can keep your consumers engaged with your brand.
  1. Increase Your Sale: If there is not an appropriate funnel strategized, you may lose a potential customer who can be converted into a buyer. A marketing funnel will help you to nurture leads till the consumers are ready to buy.
  1. Be Consistent with Your Promotion: If you take the help of a marketing funnel, you don't need to get confused about the steps to take for promoting your brand and attracting more customers. At every stage of the funnel, prepare a marketing strategy and use those for interacting with the customers to influence them to become buyers.
  1. Marketing Funnel Saves Your Time and Effort: Once you are aware of the journey of your customers and are ready with a marketing plan for each stage, it will save much of your time and effort. Thus, you can achieve better results.

Hopefully, now you get the idea of what a marketing funnel is and how it is effective in marketing analytics. For connecting with your customers and to simplify the customer journey, marketing funnels are important.

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