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10 Easy Online Businesses You Can Start Today

The Internet offers vast possibilities for learning and earning from anywhere in the world. With a majority of businesses shifting online, it has become quite easy to earn from home. However, choosing a business to start can be a little bit daunting. 

So, if you're considering starting an online business, check these 10 easy ideas that you can start today. 

An eCommerce store allows buying goods and services online. Once the store is up and live, your focus must be on promotion and marketing. For a quick start, use BigCommerce and Shopify. They are popular hosting platforms for eCommerce businesses and offer easy ways to get started.

A top tip is to offer fewer products but to aim for items with a significant markup. Undoubtedly, the success of an eCommerce store relies heavily on branding. So, focus on creating a strong brand with a niche target market.

Many companies prefer hiring a company to build a website. Buying and selling sites is identical to property. It includes buying undervalued websites, improving them marginally, and selling them for a profit.

Moreover, you can make money on the sale along with a monthly profit on top of that. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most lucrative online business options if you get it right.

You can purchase websites either directly from buyers or brokers. Some of them are Wesellyoursite, Flippa, and WebsiteBroker.

Once you buy the website, build traffic and monetize your purchases. Consequently, the monthly profit will increase. Then sell it yourself or through one of the brokers.

It is important to spot the risks of a website to prevent money drains. Always look for proof of revenue and traffic. Many brokers also offer a service to help you check your potential purchases.

You can set up a digital agency of affiliate marketers and work with brands to increase their sales. It is done by generating traffic to a merchant’s website through an affiliate link. Marketers then receive a 5-20% commission on all the sales generated through that link.

However, the earnings depend on how well you perform the task. On the positive side, the startup costs are negligible. You can post your affiliate link anywhere to generate sales. Moreover, with a big budget, you can reach more people through paid advertising.

You can use networks such as Amway and Amazon Associates to generate traffic to your merchants. One of the most popular affiliate network sites is Clickbank. It specializes in digital products with a much higher commission rate, sometimes up to 75%.

If you already own and have mastered 3D printing, it’s easy to turn this into a profitable business. Clients contact you with a 3D model which you print and post to them.

If you already own the 3D printer, then this model isn’t too expensive. However, the only effort you’ll need to make will be in marketing. Although marketing can be done cheaply through Facebook ads, etc.

Alternatively, you can use websites like Treatstock that match customers with printers.

However, make sure you’ve got insurance. This is because you’ll be responsible for how the parts turn out. Furthermore, you’ll need expenses to cover yourself if the machinery breaks down.

Creative or artistic people can easily monetize their skills online. With sites such as Etsy, selling hand-made products has become more accessible, even for beginners. Or, you can create a page on a social media platform. Then, you can drive sales using various channels such as Facebook ads.

Start-up costs vary depending on the product you’re making. Making your products to order is slower. Nevertheless, it prevents waste of products and also cuts down on initial costs.

A digital store is one of the best ways to profit from our technology-dependent society. This business runs entirely online. Whereas the physical resources required are next to none. Time is the only biggest investment required.

Some of the things you can sell are PDFs or templates for CVs or presentations etc. It is really easy to produce a template for almost anything and with very little information. Creativity goes a long way.

Other examples include eBooks, research, and online papers. You can even sell audio files, music, videos, fonts, logos, and backgrounds.

Digital products require minimal resources and no production or storage costs. Marketing needs to be your main expense. Your business must reach customers. After that, your products will sell themselves.

If you’ve got extensive knowledge of coding, app development, and an innovative concept, you can earn a lot. A quarter of iOS App developers earn over approx £3,000 a day.

However, the only challenge is coming up with an innovative idea. To make big money on an app, you need to attract a serious download volume. But, downloads don’t always equate to money.

Additionally, you’ll need to add paid features or subscription options. This will help generate money on top of the download amount.

It is equally important to market your app. The more people share your content, the bigger your chances of going viral.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique. It involves selling and delivering products without ever having physical contact with them.

So, instead of stocking the products of your online store, you order them from a supplier when you receive orders. Then, they are delivered straight to your customer.

The primary benefit of drop shipping is no upfront investment in purchasing and storing stock as a typical retail business. However, you must make sure that your suppliers offer fast delivery, reliable service, and excellent customer support.

There are many drop-ship product suppliers on platforms such as , CJ Drop Shipping and Else, you can contact small business owners and partner with them.

Working as a freelancer has been made more flexible and easy with the internet. Freelancers work on a contract basis or per hour. Furthermore, they work from home for the hours and times they choose. With the right skills and tools, it’s an almost quick way of making money.

It’s a simple concept: cash in on any special skill you may have. Then turn it into commercial service. It can be anything from web design to simple translation. You can earn money from almost any skill.

Finding customers is also easier than ever.  With websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour, freelancers can advertise their services and prices.

One downside is that your income might waver from month to month. So, build a big network – reach out to everyone you can. Moreover, boost your status by joining an association in your industry.

If you’re an expert in something, you can make an online course to train or educate participants on it. Alongside expert knowledge on the subject matter, you’ll also need to be good at making media to deliver the training. It can be in the form of videos, podcasts, websites, or apps.

One plus point of this business model is a one-time effort. Hence, once you’ve made the training content, you can sit back and relax. As a result, your courses will be a source of generating passive income.

As an online course provider, you may consider using platforms such as Thinkific, Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable. These websites can help you to grow your sales and market your product.

The Internet itself is overflowing with many ways of earning. Online businesses can earn a solid amount monthly. However, it is important to stay consistent, patient, and loyal.

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